Ways to avoid errors in web hosting

The web presence is the business cards for any business on the Internet. Therefore, the choice of the hosting provider is important.

The Web-page should provide some functions, because it allows companies to recommend to their customers and partners. Often it is the first contact, so that a reliable site for professional duty providers of any size. In addition to the company’s key product information and many companies also want to run forums and blogs to promote contact with customers. Often the desires are for a small online store. Not always the hoster can fulfill all desires, so the companies are well ahead of the situation, to change providers.

The selection of hosting providers is huge, but this certainly complicates the matter. The PC world, sister publication of COMPUTER WEEK, has compiled the most important criteria for web hosting and explains technical terms about the operation, design and construction of web pages.

Webspace by the Internet provider is a stopgap

Webspace is in many DSL flat rate offers now. However, the provider has deals severely limited, so get Alice customers for example, no full-fledged second-level domain name. It is not suitable for business pages.

T-Home offer offers as part of offers Call & Surf Comfort a real second-level domain, with any names, but neither an FTP access, which is essential for a serious care of the site, nor Skriptsprachen- and database support. Although it can be designed with the help of HTML and CSS Web Sites, for demanding and professional online quotes it is not enough.

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Web hosting, web space and traffic volume

Two very important criteria in selecting the right hosting package, the size of the web space and traffic volume. As long as you put above all HTML and PHP files with a few well-compressed images to your webspace and your site has just a few hundred visitors per month, and it has also comparatively small packages, this should be sufficient for you.

Larger than 200 KB is likely the homepage of a website itself with many photos (if they are optimized) hardly fall, most websites are likely to be rather small. Work with the other hand pictures gallery or you have a lot of downloads or use video streaming for example Youtube videos with built-in, it can quickly become cramped. If you exceed the volume of traffic your tariff, you pay either per commenced an extra gigabyte or be forcibly upgraded in a higher-priced hosting package.

Try to calculate the expected monthly traffic volume roughly. You must consider all pages that are retrieved from your server. So not only the HTML pages, but also the gifs, jpegs and so on. Remember that your visitors not just the homepage, but also subpages call – even the one about the traffic. If you come with your calculations on numbers, beyond the very limited packets, then recommend a package with no traffic limit.

Therefore important: You should always have the option to switch to another tariff or, where appropriate, to a Managed Server.

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Web Hosting: security is crucial

However, few users are willing to pay for round-the-clock support separately the security of the site applies to users as the most important criterion for the selection of an external hosting service. In one operated on behalf of a Reseller Inter Genia survey of 63 IT professionals, 86 percent called this aspect in the first place. Right after that follows the low price of the hosting bid. It indicated 85 percent of respondents as the most important selection criterion.

Other decisive factors in the choice of web hosting company are according to the survey comprehensive management options (77 percent), the use of brand-name servers (75 percent), providing as many e-mail mailboxes (73 percent) as well as virtual servers and value added services such as domain registration (both 72 percent).

Also plays a crucial role of technical support. More than three quarters of respondents expect a round-the-clock care through their Web-Hoster. However, 70 percent are not willing to pay for it. The right to obtain top-Support for nothing, “the provider will in the long run, however, can not meet,” warns Thomas straws, CEO of Inter Genia AG. “Either the support costs factored in the hosting prices and drive them according to the height, or the customer pays for each support case separately.”

Despite the high importance of the safety factor, only one third stops (35 percent) of respondents recovery capabilities for data recovery after a crash as essential. 37 percent give such features as at least “useful” one.

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