Ways to avoid errors in web hosting

The web presence is the business cards for any business on the Internet. Therefore, the choice of the hosting provider is important.

The Web-page should provide some functions, because it allows companies to recommend to their customers and partners. Often it is the first contact, so that a reliable site for professional duty providers of any size. In addition to the company’s key product information and many companies also want to run forums and blogs to promote contact with customers. Often the desires are for a small online store. Not always the hoster can fulfill all desires, so the companies are well ahead of the situation, to change providers.

The selection of hosting providers is huge, but this certainly complicates the matter. The PC world, sister publication of COMPUTER WEEK, has compiled the most important criteria for web hosting and explains technical terms about the operation, design and construction of web pages.

Webspace by the Internet provider is a stopgap

Webspace is in many DSL flat rate offers now. However, the provider has deals severely limited, so get Alice customers for example, no full-fledged second-level domain name. It is not suitable for business pages.

T-Home offer offers as part of offers Call & Surf Comfort a real second-level domain, with any names, but neither an FTP access, which is essential for a serious care of the site, nor Skriptsprachen- and database support. Although it can be designed with the help of HTML and CSS Web Sites, for demanding and professional online quotes it is not enough.